Our community    

Certified organic food products impact an entire community as it brings sustainability of livelihood back to the farmers. We have impacted their families where multiple members from the same family help us in obtaining finished goods. This has generated indirect and direct income for those who chose to stay with us even outside the farms. Our farm managers are sons and daughters of farmers who collaborate with us in growing organic products in their farms. Products like black rice and red rice need extremely manual work to keep the color of grain intact and hence wives of farmers join us in preserving the quality of grains in a better way.

Our efforts are largely driven towards the promotion of sustainable agriculture in India, specifically the North-eastern region of India which has a huge potential for its products due to its location advantage and a broader understanding of organic farming by farmers in these states. Every purchase not only boosts our farmers' confidence to stay oriented towards chemical-free farming in near future but also supports the movement of organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture in our farms. Organic farming is all about maintaining good soil health without the use of any synthetic inputs and by using practices such as crop rotation, mulching, green manuring, use of organic matter for fertilization such as decomposed cow dung, compost etc. We keep training our farmers about preparing bio-fertilizers at home with commonly available items like milk, coconut water, composting matters from green waste, etc. The water source used for irrigating our fields does not contain contaminants like heavy metals or industrial affluent which is fit for organic farming. Our farmers rely on group farming and hence everything including traditional seeds are distributed amongst the group before sowing. Traditional seeds are also called “Heirloom seeds” and are seeds that farmers have been using for generation. Farmers save seeds selectively after seeing the growth of individual plants.